Compass Capital targets industries which offer attractive risk-adjusted returns, and ideally are underserved by investors.

We seek to generate returns primarily through the improvement of business operations and the strategic expansion of the companies we invest in. The goal is to leverage the expertise of talented management alongside our team of professionals to develop a business that will realize its growth potential.

We are a value-oriented private equity investor. Our long-term investment horizon enables a partnership of experience and innovation that fixes ailing balance sheets, addresses competitive and economic challenges, and delivers on growth oriented business plans. We leverage expertise from multiple industries where we have experience and share best practices across industries.

Our unique approach stands on three pillars

Compass Capital takes a structured approach to its private equity investments in order to target areas for improvement, define core initiatives, and develop actionable strategies for future growth.

Immersive Investigation

A company’s potential usually lies below the surface, so our investigative approach extends well beyond standard due diligence. We draw on our team’s collective expertise, engage industry experts, and leverage thought leaders.

Agile Implementation

We help companies stay agile by finding value-added activities that can be initiated with minimal operational disruption and by providing management the equivalent of a strategic business unit.

Building Leadership

With every venture, our goal is to build industry leaders. We establish best-practice KPIs to raise the bar for a company’s performance, and by offering operational insights, we create tangible momentum. Trust is an essential ingredient of change, thus we build teams oriented around quantifiable results, facilitate dialogue among stakeholders, and align interests through management ownership plans.

Reorganizations are a useful tool for finding new value, which is why Compass Capital standardizes and streamlines corporate activities to resolve organizational gaps and achieve integration synergies.

Compass Capital brings its industry experience and financial know-how to provide portfolio companies optimized finance functions.

Today, realizing each company’s potential requires insight, action, and upgraded technology. Compass Capital leverages its world-class experience to look for value-adding solutions and drive change.

Through pro-active, value-oriented improvements, Compass Capital provides hands-on support to help companies become more productive and efficient, realizing their full commercial potential.